Market Ready Smart Airport Solutions

Proven in real-world settings and ready to deploy, Smart Airport solutions from Gorilla can elevate any project to the next level with a wide range of intelligent video analytics wrapped in robust network security. Planning, integrating, and benefitting from Gorilla’s various technologies today will improve business and experiences in the airports we use tomorrow.

The facial recognition and vehicle detection intelligent video analytics in Smart Airport solutions from Gorilla deliver comprehensive access control, robust and efficient physical security, and enhanced traveler safety.

Smart Airport Solutions

Current Challenges

Limited People Tracking and Customer Experience Reporting

  • Hard to detect congestion in main thoroughfare areas
  • Difficult to decrease queueing times
  • Hard to predict restroom maintenance requirements
  • Limited tools available to drive foot traffic into stores

Incomplete Traveler Safety Measures

  • No way to locate and track a person with current systems
  • Human resources wasted on directing travelers in designated directions
  • Minimal perimeter security on fences, gates, and delivery areas

Flawed Access Control

  • Need biometric sensors at E-gates to decrease staff at Check-in/Entry/Exit/Bag Drop
  • Employee tailgating through internal security doors causes risks
  • Weak single-factor authentication, like a password or a key, used for employee access

Poor Vehicle Traffic Management

  • Traffic jams cause huge problems at large airports

Gorilla Smart Airport Solutions

IVAR Platform IVAR Platform

  • Intelligent video analytics immediately detect and alert users to restricted area intrusions, suspicious loiterers, and black listed people. When tailgating occurs, security guards are instantly alerted.
  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition and Vehicle Location Searches improve traffic management by diverting traffic at arrival and departure areas.
  • Facial recognition enhances airport security check areas and E-gates to verify travelers and employees, then gives access to appropriate areas. Liveness Detection ensures authorized and real humans get access.
  • Searches using cross-camera Facial Recognition can locate suspicious persons or late-for-boarding travelers.
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