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Gorilla is at the forefront of revolutionizing safe city technology and solutions. Our solutions offer governments, law enforcement, campuses, and arena administrators a comprehensive solution to improve security surveillance, management, and decision-making capabilities. Utilizing advanced Intelligent Video Analytics, our safe city solution provides optimal law enforcement, public safety, and a central management system with customized maps for effective situational awareness. Our solutions keep people and communities safe from crime and harm.

Current Challenges

Enhancing Crime Prevention

  • Providing AI resources for law enforcement agencies
  • Adopting data-driven crime-prevention
  • Collecting accurate crime data from suspected people and vehicles
  • Providing real-time, precise crime data to frontline dispatchers

Emergency Preparedness and Fast Responses

  • Coordinating responses among multiple agencies effectively
  • Developing enhanced emergency communication infrastructure
  • Planning for and responding to natural and human-made disasters
  • Analyzing emergencies to prevent or reduce them in the future

Transportation Safety

  • Reducing congestion and improving mobility options
  • Regulating and enforcing traffic laws effectively
  • Ensuring pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Tracking vehicles and license plates in real-time

Safe City Solutions

Real-time, intelligent CCTV that can operate across a network of 500+ cameras and is browser-based with ultra-low latency, high accuracy, and multiple analytical outputs.

Video Search

Find people and objects across live cameras and months of video

Face Recognition

Find and Track people of interest that exhibit suspicious behavior

Traffic Monitoring

Vehicle search and Alerts on violations and other events

True Real Time

Alerts are delivered in less than a second, with camera view changes


Detect crowds, aggressive behavior, guns, rifles, knives, and abandoned bags

Mobile Integration

End to End encrypted cooperative suite of applications that extend operations to mobile


Auto-generate reports to present chains of evidence

Recommended Hardware


As technology evolves what cities can provide for their citizens - it is important to consider practicalities as well as gleaming aesthetics. From preventing crime, to assisting emergency services and finding missing children - security systems must protect and understand citizens behaviour while not compromising privacy. AI assisted search and alert is a key component of a true smart city vision.


Communications networks, power stations, energy extraction and industrial plants - complex and vast sites where situational awareness and automated alert systems are critical. The consistent technological advancements of malicious actors as well as potentially catastrophic consequences of disruption all require AI assisted evolution of capabilities.


Operators suffer increasing pressure to prioritize customer service - while not compromising on safety, security and operational efficiency. This can be a precarious balancing act. This calls for AI assisted situational awareness and alert systems that enable insight far beyond human capability. Thousands of cameras can be monitored and risks assessed in real time - a key capability needed for modern transport environments.


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