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Market Ready Smart Factory Solutions

The facial recognition and vehicle detection intelligent video analytics in Industrial Solutions from Gorilla deliver comprehensive access control, robust and efficient physical security, and enhanced personal safety.

Smart Factory Solutions

Current Challenges

Limited Restricted Area Management (Warehouses, War Rooms, Production Lines)

  • High risk of IP and physical theft.
  • Minimal monitoring risks trespassing and unauthorized access.
  • No reporting when workers enter highly dangerous areas.

Complicated and Insecure Attendance Management

  • Afflicted by buddy punching issues and difficulties in tracking real working hours.

Difficult to Manage Personnel Entry and Exit (managers, workers, suppliers, contractors)

  • Hard to distinguish and enforce the access rights of suppliers, contractors, and employees.
  • No competitor or ex-employee sabotage prevention tactics in place.

Gorilla Smart Factory Solutions

IVAR Platform

  • Intelligent video analytics immediately detect and alert to restricted area intrusions, trespassing and suspicious loiterers, black listed people. When workers step into dangerous areas a warning sounds instantly and managers are alerted.
  • Facial Recognition in the attendance system prevents buddy punching, heightens security and logs every clock-in/out - down to the second, ensuring labor resource efficiency.
  • Block lists prevent any unwelcome visitors.
  • Facial Recognition ensures visitors, contractors, suppliers can gain timed access privileges to appropriate areas.
  • Searches using cross-camera Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition can locate suspects, criminals, and speeding cars.

OT Security Platform

  • Prevents internal users from connecting to malicious IPs with or without their knowledge. Administrators can reduce the hours spent trying to control the connections list and use automated management and deep learning to determine malicious websites.
  • Low-cost OT network Security solution that can learn threat patterns and block attacks from outside your network. Designed for rugged or industrial environments, OT Security from Gorilla goes beyond typical IDS/IPS protection by using edge AI to determine cyber threats and offering a comprehensive endpoint security system.
  • Comprehensive endpoint protection for a wide array of networks. It goes beyond regular AVS to detect Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) infections and uses AI technology to update network threat intelligence, keeping endpoint security the highest priority.
  • IT Security that can learn cyber attack patterns and block network attacks from outside your network. Beyond typical IDS/IPS protection, Gorilla uses edge AI to determine attacks and keep your data safe and secure.
  • Allows administrators to strengthen their authentication process in the form of facial recognition combined with a one-time password sent to your device. The extra layers of identity protection protects identity theft and brute force attacks.
  • Security & monitoring system designed to safeguard corporate network data, while also providing network, information, and endpoint security functions, including: IoC comparison (IPs, domain names, URLs, user agents, certificates, etc.), intrusion detection, and malware detection.

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Smart Factory Success Story

Implementation has never been easier, see how some clients have created valuable systems with Smart Factory.

Innolux Corporate

Visitor Management and Access Control

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Jason Chaung
Jason Chaung
Vice President

"It is really impressive – Gorilla video analytics for edge AI applications. We look forward to continuing deep collaborations and achieving greater developments together."



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