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Smart Attendance enables enterprises to easily track employee health & safety, work hours, clock-ins/outs, absenteeism, and HR management departments in a secure environment, protecting corporate assets and intellectual property. Using biometrics, companies can implement two-factor authentication to accurately identify employees and eliminate buddy-clocking. Smart Attendance automatically logs employee timestamps directly to a database, reducing manual data entry costs and payroll processing.

Smart Attendance Core Capabilities

Example of Contactless Access via Facial Recognition & RFID Cards in Gorilla Smart Attendance.

Contactless Access Facial Recognition RFID/Card

Example of Biometric Security with Temperature Detection in Gorilla's Smart Attendance.

Biometric Security Temperature Detection

Example of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Gorilla Smart Attendance.

Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)


Health Minded & Proactive Control with Intelligent Video Analytics

Gorilla Smart Attendance leverages intelligent video analytics to safely facilitate people management. Accurate facial recognition, even when staff wear masks, combined with temperature detection empower organizations to create the safest workplace environments possible.

Infographic showing how various industries use Intelligent Video Analytics in Smart Attendance from Gorilla.

Smart Attendance for the Future, Available Today

Easily track employee clock-in/out hours and absences in a secure environment using biometrics. Eliminate buddy-clocking using two-factor authentication to accurately identify individuals using facial recognition and PIN/badge ID. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, including clock-in machines, tablets or PCs with webcams. Place clock-in/out devices anywhere within a facility and attendance records will be synchronized over the network.

Smart Attendance Success Stories

Implementation has never been easier. See how some clients have created valuable systems with Smart Attendance.

Smart Attendance WhitePapers

Learn about computer vision today and dive into the technology behind Smart Attendance. See what a future friendly edge AI with Gorilla means by exploring key markets and applications, implementations in public safety and smart cities, comprehensive enterprise security, expanded customer experiences in retail areas, and much more.

Smart Attendance Adds Value Like No Other

All-in-One Attendance Management

  • Accurate Records
  • Anti Buddy-clocking

IoT Cross-Connectivity

  • Increase Automation
  • Increase Efficiency

Access Notifications & Alerts

  • Prioritize Security
  • Real-time Data

Expandable Integration

  • Fits Your Organization
  • Can Grow with You

Smart Attendance Architecture Fits Any System



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