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What Might Have Taken Months or Weeks to Review, 
Now Takes Hours or Minutes

Multi-format Video Types
Multi-format Video Types
GPU Accelerated Video Processing
GPU Accelerated Video Processing
Evidential Chain Complete Audit Trail
Evidential Chain Complete Audit Trail

The Intelligent Solution to Process CCTV Footage for Criminal Investigations

Post Event has solved crimes ranging from homicides, assaults, and shootings globally. With proven applications, this revolutionary tool for law enforcement reviews footage in record time with advanced AI to solve crimes, protect lives, assist in arrests, and keep communities safe.

Investigators can feed Post Event with CCTV footage with thousands or even more of hours of footage to track suspects, victims, and missing persons. The solution enhances forensic investigations, requires minimal operators, and can process any footage type.

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The Intelligent Solution to Process CCTV Footage for Criminal Investigations

Post Event Adds Value Like No Other

Faster CCTV Investigationss

Faster CCTV Investigations

  • Analyzes CCTV footage across hundreds of cameras in record time
  • Track people across various locations
  • Uses AI to analyze footage and only requires minimal staff to operate
  • Extract & prioritize the footages that most related to an investigation
Processes Any Video Format

Processes Any Video Format

  • Process all CCTV video formats

Post Event Core Capabilities

Post Event Core Capabilities

Face and Body Detection

Search and identify persons of interest. Find similar people from thousands of hours of footage in no time

Easily Define Search Areas and Times

Set search areas by geographical locations and times of the day to pinpoint events

Vehicles & Objects Detection

Search for motion, vehicles, or objects, such as abandoned bags

Video Conversion

Whatever type of video format you need to convert, one of our hundreds of import codecs can read it


Auto generate reports. Audit trail to maintain evidential chain



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