Elevated Identity Security with Facial Recognition

Localized Protection
AI-based Prevention
Asset Safety
Fast Response
Multi-layered protection from identity theft and brute force attacks.

The increase in working from home and off-site due to the pandemic together with the increase in cross-regional operations have also increased system exposure and the risk of more network attacks. Basic account and password authentication procedures, adopted by most companies to access VPN or login hosts, provide insufficient levels of protection.

Gorilla’s advanced face recognition (FR) technology verifies staff biometrics on their mobile phone and a time sensitive Mobile One Time Password (MOTP) is issued. This one-time use dynamic password greatly helps prevent access breaches, even if login credentials have been hacked.

FR-MOTP Core Capabilities

Multi-factor Authentication

Make it next to impossible for hackers to infiltrate your network by adding FR-MOTP to traditional account logins for multi-factor and real-time authentication.

Advanced Face Recognition

User identities are verified in real-time with the edge AI biometric technology developed by Gorilla and a one-time password is sent to their personal device - ensuring the right person’s login while protecting privacy.

Log Abnormalities

Record staff logins along with face recognition results in real-time. Logs of failed verifications can allow managers to perceive intrusions in advance.

Rapid Integration and Deployment

Easily strengthen your login verification system without changing OS accounts and passwords.

FR-MOTP Adds Value Like No Other

Localized Protection

Automatically create tailor-made network security with AI-based behavior analysis of targeted attack activities while reducing the large and recurring costs of increasing staff.

AI-based Prevention

Intervene early when unknown threats are identified and easily process incidents with automated and always-on AI-based threat pattern learning.

Asset Safety

Protect intellectual property, customer loyalty, brand reputation and revenue by reducing the risk of internal confidentiality and customer information being leaked.

Fast Response

Shorten response times when attacks occur, uncover the root cause of security problems, and restore business operations without interruption.



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