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Premium Cyber Defense for Industrial Environments

Localized Protection
AI-based Prevention
Asset Safety
Fast Response

EdgeGuard Core Capabilities

EdgeGuard is a low-cost OT Security solution that can learn threat patterns and block attacks from outside your network. Designed for rugged or industrial environments, EdgeGuard goes beyond typical IDS/IPS protection by using machine learning to determine threats. In addition, it deploys a comprehensive trapping system, allowing for early discovery of potential threats and safeguarding network endpoints.

Detect & Block Malicious IPs

Detect malicious IP connections using a 1 million IP blocklist by directly comparing the blocklisted IP, which is faster and much more efficient in detecting attacks.

Trap Threats with Simulation Techniques

Simulate a range of network services and devices like general hosts, server hosts, databases, NAS, IoT & IIoT devices, printers, IP surveillance cameras, etc. to lure hackers in and expose their whereabouts.

DoS/DDoS Protection

Use machine learning algorithms which learn network traffic characteristics and execute DoS/DDoS and other malicious connection detection and blocking automatically.

Specific Alerts & Notifications

The network administrator will receive attack detection notifications which include time, source/destination IP, triggering rules, and other key data. These notifications will be added to and sent with an automated daily email report.

Harsh Environments

Designed specifically for rugged environments, EdgeGuard can operate in areas ranging from -40˚C to 70˚C

Industrial Deployment

EdgeGuard can detect targeted attacks on IoT and industrial control system environments, including network protocols, communication or topology anomalies.

EdgeGuard Adds Value Like No Other

Localized Protection

Automatically create tailor-made network security with AI-based behavior analysis of targeted attack activities while reducing the large and recurring costs of increasing staff.

AI-based Prevention

Intervene early when unknown threats are identified and easily process incidents with automated and always-on AI-based threat pattern learning.

Asset Safety

Protect intellectual property, customer loyalty, brand reputation and revenue by reducing the risk of internal confidentiality and customer information being leaked.

Fast Response

Shorten response times when attacks occur, uncover the root cause of security problems, and restore business operations without interruption.

EdgeGuard Hardware

CPU Intel Atom Processor C3708 * 1
Storage 1TB SSD
Ports 4x GbE RJ45, 2x GbE SFP, w/ 1 Pair of Gen3 Bypass, w/TPM 2.0
Power Redundant PSU
Other LCM Panel, TPM Module
2-Year Warranty


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