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Powered by Gorilla’s IVAR technology, EVMS merges an AI-based video analytics event search & management system with an advanced VMS to create a comprehensive reporting platform. EVMS stores event/object attributes in a temporal-spatial big data database to deliver comprehensive operational management with up-to-the-minute business insights.

Image of the different insights that EVMS can provide

EVMS Integration with IVAR® Creates the Total Package

IVAR® Edge AIIntelligent Video Analytics Recorder

Icon of lightbulb on laptop screen for the VMS & IVA solution
VMS & IVA Solution
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Flexible & Scalable
with Client Needs
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Intel® Optimized
for Cost & Performance
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Adding Value
with API Integration

EVMS Core Capabilities

Image of the EVMS software interface showing different camera angles for group monitoring

Create & Categorize Monitoring Groups

  • Manage Monitoring Groups
  • Video Group Viewing
  • Group Monitoring in the Background while in Full Screen Mode
Image of the EVMS software interface depicting an event alert on an office floor map

Time-Spatial GIS Event Alerting

  • Integrate with Floorplans
  • View Camera Locations
  • View Video in Real-Time
Image of the EVMS software interface showing the live monitor dashboard

Statistical Dashboards in EVMS

  • Customized Video Feed Layouts for Optimal Browsing
  • Statistical Graphs Show Video Analytic Results

Image of the EVMS software interface showing the searchable alarm log results after an event has occurred

Post-Event Search Analysis

  • Intelligent Dashboard for Monitoring & Management
  • Respond to Real-time Pop-up Events

Image of a dashboard interface on a monitor with pop-outs of a graph and total cameras

At-a-Glance Statistical Dashboards in EVMS

Organize and update the video wall in your control center to give operators the information they need right when they need it.

  • Customize the dashboard to browse according to needs.
  • Complete visualized graphs of video analytic results.

EVMS Success Stories

EVMS was deployed to deliver Smart Port Digital Transformation with Taiwan International Ports Corporation and is now used at every major port in Taiwan.

  • Video Surveillance Management
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Visualized Real-Time Event Dashboard

EVMS Adds Value Like No Other

Icon of cost effective chart

Cost Effective

  • AI-based video analytics are embedded to replace manual video monitoring - saving HR costs and increasing efficiency.
Icon of an alert popping up on the screen to indicate a notification will be sent instantly.

Event Alerts

  • Real-time alerts for uncommon events - providing effective and near-instant event handling and searches.
Icon of conneted devices as a symbol of interconnectivity


  • Interoperability to work with standard camera and NVR in one VMS platform - manage video and events from any number of Gorilla or 3rd party VMS/NVR & IVA systems.
Icon of a computer showing different on screen reports

At-A-Glance Reporting

  • The visualized and customizable event dashboard gives at-a-glance situational & system awareness.
Icon of connected data points indicating data management

Comprehensive Data Management

  • Event data with GIS or user created digital maps to perform effective data correlation.
Icon of wrench and sprocket to indicate hardware maintanance

Easy Hardware Maintenance

  • Auto-detects camera status and video stream quality.

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