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Gorilla Smart Retail is a comprehensive, real-time, portable analytical tool for single to multi-store operational managers and retail marketers, incorporating camera and IoT correlation analytical data to store operation overviews of top performing traffic, shopper, revenue count, and conversion rates, in order to deliver actionable insight, for better advertising strategy, staffing management and drive business outcomes.

  • Shopper Demographics

    Shopper Demographics

    Gorilla Smart Retail’s rich analytics tools delivers single and multi-store visual overviews of top performing traffic, people count, gender, and ages. Combined with POS data, conversion rate, and shopper preference analysis to better target product promotion strategy. Drive sales results by comparing analytics data based on time frames and various data sources to further improve shop layout, product promotion, and marketing/advertising strategy. Smart Retail also provides management solutions of customized content delivery and smart signage for targeted marketing.

  • Visualize Shopper Behavior

    Visualize Shopper Behavior

    Understand the effectiveness of your store layout, advertising tactics, and employee deployment to further increase efficiency and performance. Assign grouped cameras in stores, for real-time and historical data, of different brands and product areas to trace shopper’s location, and analyze dwell time, to systematically visualize shopper behavior and product attractiveness. Store managers can then deliver relevant advertising to target shoppers and allocate employees, to further increase sales results.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Advanced Data Analytics

    Gorilla Smart Retail’s metrics dashboard allows management team to make decisions and take action immediately to capture market momentum, and prevent potential losses. Customized widget setting allows store managers to review higher priority, relevant individual store information, and product/behavior correlation analysis to accurately target marketing campaigns. The metrics dashboard live platform can be integrated with external databases, e.g. POS, CRM, to generate in-depth comparison analysis insights across different datasets.

Retail Success Stories

Implementation has never been easier, see how some clients have created valuable systems with Smart Retail.

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