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Tekwind Now Delivers ‘Gorilla AI Inside’ to Japan

Tokyo, JP – July 12, 2021 – Gorilla Technology (Gorilla), will further expand their presence in Japan by partnering with Tekwind Ltd., one of the country’s leading hardware distributors. Now Gorilla IVAR™, the award-winning edge AI video analytic platform from Gorilla, is verified to be on Tekwind shelves and is ready for delivery as a “Gorilla AI Inside” option. Targeting multiple verticals, Tekwind worked with Gorilla in selecting the two machines for the initial “Gorilla AI Inside” options available for purchase – the Intel® NUC 11 and SuperMicro® SuperWorkstation.

President and Representative Director of Tekwind, Wang Monchou said of the collaboration, “Once the demand for easily deployable AI solutions was known, Gorilla was the first AI software solution house we looked to partner with as they have the most experience in the field.” Tekwind has handled a wide range of hardware products in Japan that are closely related to AI, such as GPUs, embedded PCs, and servers. Wang Monchou continued, “Upon deeper analysis of our client’s needs, being able to offer a value-added, scalable, and easy to deploy edge AI video analytics solution was the next logical step in the distribution model.”

Three initial models with “Gorilla AI Inside” are currently available from Tekwind in the Intel® NUC 11 and SuperMicro® SuperWorkstations. While these solutions will target public spaces, commercial properties, and residential areas, Tekwind emphasized that other hardware pairings which focus on other scenarios like public transportation were being discussed. With multiple packages available and more coming, having “Gorilla AI Inside” can add value to many hardware lineups that distributors have on the shelf.

With Gorilla IVAR™ inside, each model is equipped with a trained AI model that can be used immediately after installation. Creating new surveillance systems or integrating with and upgrading existing systems is quick and these value-added machines support nearly every type of camera. Furthermore, being powered by Intel® CPUs, the edge AI human analysis, behavior analysis, and vehicle analysis delivered are not only accelerated without GPU assistance, they are also optimized with the Intel distribution of the OpenVINO toolkit.

**COVID-19 Note**
These machines with “Gorilla AI Inside” are capable of detecting whether or not someone is wearing a mask and can also detect crowds forming – and then alert/notify the proper personnel to take action in order to counter the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

“Our business in Japan has a bright future and offering ‘Gorilla AI Inside’ as a value added solution with Tekwind, Intel, and Supermicro is a promising step in continuing growth. Partnering with these market leaders in Japan shows that our edge AI video analytics in IVAR™ is proving more successful than ever,” Gorilla CEO, Dr. Spincer Koh said, “Together, our combined years of experience in delivering award-winning solutions in security and retail markets such as public institutions and government offices will help bring effective and valuable digital transformations to the region.”

These AI-paired hardware solutions are currently available from Tekwind in Japan. 5G technologies, together with more interconnected devices, have opened the door for broad adoption of value-added machines. Partnerships like that of Gorilla and Tekwind have made it evident that adoption of off-the-shelf hardware with AI and the upward trend of expansion will continue.

About Tekwind

Founded in 1995, Tekwind has partnered with IT vendors to provide the latest and optimal IT with valuable services. It provides the latest IT products from around the world to the Japanese market. Tekwind responds to a wide range of customer needs, such as offering products for the data center market and proposing HPC systems that enable the use of big data and deep learning. It provides products and services that solve problems, are valuable, and are convenient.

About Gorilla Technology

Gorilla Technology, a privately held company established in 2001, is a global leader in video intelligence, network intelligence and IoT technology. It develops a wide range of video-centric and content management solutions including Smart Cities, Smart Retail, and Enterprise Security. In addition, Gorilla provides a complete Security Convergence Platform to government institutions, telecom companies and private enterprises with network surveillance and cybersecurity.


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