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Merck Ltd. awards contract to Gorilla Content Server "GorView"

The Merck Group is one of the most well established pharmaceutical companies worldwide with 64 subsidiaries. As most global enterprises, the problem faced most often is how to effectively manage the vast amount of available internal resources and distribute the right content to the right people via the right devices. For the right solution, Merck sought help from Gorilla Technology for GorView.

From easy integration, short installation time, to high scalability and compatibility, GorView’s most appealing feature to Merck is its user-friendly Multimedia Content Management, Channel Management and Playout Display Management interface. Through the IPTV channel setup by GorView, the system administrator may save, manage, and replay the multimedia contents via scheduled timetable and VOD easily. Whether it’s the existing clients, distributing partners or internal personnel, GorView delivers the intended contents via digital signage, public displays, personal computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

The main concept of Gorilla Content Server GorView is to easily integrate into existing internal network structure, effectively use of current content assets, and ensure future-proof maximum scalability. As an end result, Gorilla Technology hopes that Merck may expand from a single-point enterprise server, GorView in Thailand, to multi-point connected global "Private Content Cloud" digital storage by connecting the GorViews setup in all of the subsidiaries within The Merck Group to maximize the use of all content assets across the globe.

"Gorilla Technology provides us with the most fun and informative project and system installed."

──Aman Bhattacharjee, Managing Director

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