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Gorilla Announces “Video Connects Everything” with Enterprise Cloud Services Showcased at True IDC Cloud Day in Thailand

Gorilla Technology Group showcased its newest range of video-centric services at the True IDC Cloud Day services event in Thailand today. Imagining a world of devices connected to industry or enterprise-specific cloud services, Gorilla announced its Video Big Data and Analytics platform represented the only viable means to deal with the huge volume of video generated by today’s Internet of Things (IoT).

Recent estimates put the volume of data attributed to video-based applications – content streaming, entertainment, security and communication – at roughly 70% of all internet traffic. 413 petabytes of video data is said to be produced each day from HD surveillance cameras and the size is expected to grow to 859 petabytes by 2017. Broadcast video already exceeded 2,400 petabytes of content in 2012, while enterprise video is estimated to reach 18,000 exabytes of data by 2020. 

“It’s no exaggeration to say that video connects everything,” said Gorilla Technology Group CEO, Dr Spincer Koh. “You only have to look at the dominance of video for the purposes of entertainment, communication, and security to see video is an essential part of everyone’s lives. Today’s businesses are in desperate need of services that help better monitor, manage and monetize that content – which is where Gorilla comes in.”

For over a decade, Gorilla has accumulated specific expertise in video analysis and highly efficient content management, as well as the processing of the video big data generated by today’s video-centric applications. Gorilla’s Video Big Data & Analytics platform forms the bedrock of its “Smart Series” range of services which are being promoted at the Thailand True Cloud event.


Gorilla Smart Enterprise services include video analysis for security intelligence and enterprise safety – with applications such as double-verification access control, theft control and intrusion detection.


Gorilla Smart Retail services offer business intelligence analysis for a greater understanding of in-store shopping behavior, more accurate in-store signage advertising, and more personalized customer engagement.


Gorilla Smart Home services provide a suite of home safety features based on intelligent video surveillance, people detection, event monitoring, and intrusion/event mobile notifications.


Gorilla Smart Entertainment services offer content owners new ways to manage and monetize their content delivery to the home or office, whether corporate video, personal video or premium content.


Gorilla Smart City services represent new tools for government to understand and protect the use of public utilities and transport infrastructure, as well as monitor public safety across wide areas within an urban landscape.

True IDC – a subsidiary of True Corporation, which recently received investment from China Mobile – is hosting True IDC Cloud Day to introduce its cloud infrastructure and service partner ecosystem. By working with True, Gorilla plans to roll out services that target the full spectrum of business sizes and industry sectors, meeting specific needs for video analysis and big data management throughout Indo-China.

“By partnering with leading cloud and data center providers world-wide – like True IDC – Gorilla can deliver innovative software-based services that handle video in all its forms,” said Dr Koh. “Gorilla’s platform provides a robust and scalable video processing and analysis layer that manages the data generated by a broad spectrum of connected IoT devices.” 

Gorilla supports a growing ecosystem of Video Big Data & Analytics applications across multiple industries and business types. Through its own R&D team and by working with 3rd party developers, Gorilla continues to develop new applications to meet today’s rapidly evolving video-centric needs.
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