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Gorilla completes the 1st WiMAX Lawful Interception project for Tatung InfoComm

Taipei, Taiwan, October 31, 2008

Gorilla Science & Technology had successfully completed the 1st WiMAX mediation project in Southern Taiwan, and helped Tatung InfoComm to meet the LI regulations in Taiwan (ETSI complaint) for the Internet Access Service. Tatung InfoComm, a WiMAX licensee for the southern region of Taiwan, is a subsidiary of Tatung Company. The 802.16e WiMAX-based Internet Access Service is scheduled to launch on the Penghu island chain by the end of this year.

Tatung InfoComm adopted Alcatel-Lucent's WiMAX network solutions to enable mobile IP ability for subscribers and EAP-TTLS mechanism which is a highly secure authentication protocol and has rarely been used in the traditional broadband networks.

Requested by laws, the operators in Taiwan need to prove their systems are full compliance with telecom regulatory and legal interception requirements before the service launch. With the help from Gorilla's professional surveillance team, certain unsolved issues in WiMAX are overcome.

"There's no way we could pass the entire testing and obtain the approval in front of authorities today without Gorilla's dedication and professionalism on fully prior simulation and serious self assessment. The entire commitment, including our engineering team, Gorilla and Alcatel-Lucent are all critical factors to make this pioneering step happened in Taiwan."said Ted Kwang, Senior Manager, Tatung InfoComm.

With the pass of the testing, Tatung InfoComm can then formally adopt network solutions from Alcatel-Lucent and speed up its WiMAX network constructions.

Dr. Spincer Koh, Gorilla's CEO, indicated that "Gorilla has completed technology barriers breakthrough in a very short term (45 days) and proved our expertise in full IP network. Moreover, our solution could be tailored to fit the heterogonous network for each WiMAX operator.After the successful integration into Alcatel-Lucent network solutions, our team is very confident in every stage of the development and is totally ready for WiMAX switch vendors and services in the near future."

Gorilla Science & Technology will continue working with other WiMAX operators, with a helping hand from the lab to the marketplace, to meet the lawful interception legislations for their full IP network services. Meanwhile, based on the operations worldwide, Gorilla will bring its successful experiences in WiMAX surveillance to other countries with a global presence.

About Gorilla

Headquartered in US, Gorilla Science & Technology has a global reach and is the world's leading provider of innovative WiMAX and full IP network solutions.
Gorilla Science & Technology has developed advanced solutions to focus on the Unstructured Content and Information Intelligence. The unique product-solution from Gorilla Science & Technology is now mission-critical in customer business, which generates high profit gain and takes the company to the leading position in the industry. Gorilla Science & Technology has also been invited to join NWG of WiMAX Forum? and is now actively participating in WiMAX LI standards.



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