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Gorilla’s Smart City Solutions Helping to Shape the Future of Traffic Management

With over 14 years’ experience in the field of intelligent video surveillance, today Gorilla offers a broad range of robust products and customized solutions featuring analytics for intelligent surveillance and business intelligence. As a result of key successes in this field, Gorilla has gained trust from partners and customers world-wide.  

One of the key industry questions is how to better manage traffic flow and improve transport safety, and this is a major concern to cities all around the world. In light of this, leading international security magazine, a&s international, recently highlighted some of the latest technological developments and key goals of using video analytics for transport management. Gorilla Technology Group V.P. Alan Luo was asked to share his views on the topic. 

Alan Luo explained that video analytics can play a significant role in reducing accidents and improving traffic flow.  Gorilla has identified 4 key areas where video analytics can solve highway traffic problems, and this applies to all countries worldwide. They are: Intelligent Transport Systems (example: traffic flow/congestion monitoring); criminal intelligence (example: license plate recognition); Electronic Lawful Enforcement (example: vehicle speeding); and Gateway Control (example: ETC payment systems).

In addition, intelligent video analytics can provide criminal intelligence data for public safety purposes, while also playing its part in automating the management and maintenance of this critical activity, enabling the scaling of traffic volume without requiring a proportional scale in resources deployed to monitor the transportation system.  The camera can be seen as a front-end sensor device.  Metadata related to people, vehicles, and objects (such as time, location, gender, clothes color, license plate, color, type of car, etc.) can be extracted from the video via video analysis technology. 

Talking about the way ahead, Alan Luo mentioned that there are more and more cars featuring built-in intelligent video solutions, such as Google's self-driving car.  Also, the VANET mobile network, eliminates the requirement of WLAN, and can send location data to other cars which can facilitate other drivers or passengers to get information for situations such as bad visibility.  With built-in intelligent video surveillance technology integrated with other data, drivers’ behavior can be monitored and identified for scenarios affecting safety, such as drunk driving, speeding, dozing, irregular heart-beat, high or low blood-pressure, etc. 

Gorilla is already deploying intelligent video surveillance technologies throughout the Asia Pacific, and is targeting other regions by working with partners on building intelligent video solutions world-wide.

For more about the interview, please click on the link:

a&s International Sep. 2014, Issue. 189

For more information about Gorilla’s intelligent video surveillance technology, click here.
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