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Gorilla Partners with CloudSigma to Deliver Cloud-based Media Operations Monitoring and Site Production Collaboration Services for the Broadcast and Media Industry


TAIPEI, Taiwan. Gorilla Technology Group has announced thelaunch of cloud-based services for the broadcast and media industry at the NAB2013 tradeshow in Las Vegas, partnering with cloud infrastructure providerCloudSigma to deliver services throughout Europe and the US.

For existingGorilla customers, hybrid cloud services represent a fast and cost effectiveway to extend the scale of in-house “private clouds”. For new customers,Gorilla’s cloud services provide a means to lower initial costs while addressingthe urgency of time-to-market.

Gorilla’shybrid services model is targeted at content creators, production houses,aggregators, providers and distributors operating either a standalone site oracross multiple sites, with or without tapeless or file-based media operations.

At theoperational level, customers benefit from better integration of their workflowsand asset management processes and faster turn-around, while maintainingsecurity and control over their content.

Meanwhile atthe business level, customers can shift the focus of their expenses from thecost of owning, installing and maintaining individual equipment, to a focus onhow new services can be launched quickly and that ROI is justified for thelength of time that services are run.

“The beauty ofcloud-based services is their ability to be accessed from multiple sites, buttheir key value is in providing a workable business model for integrating andexpanding global workflows and getting the results," said Dr Spincer Koh,CEO of Gorilla Technology Group. "By partnering with CloudSigma, we offera service platform that enhances collaboration among globally distributedproduction sites, while ensuring services can be easily monitored and managed.”

Gorilla’sBroadcast & Media Cloud Services are also targeted at broadcast and mediabusinesses that typically can't justify the capital expenditure to build theirown “private cloud” systems. Instead, they can subscribe to Gorilla servicesthat enhance functionality for specific projects, thus keeping expenses withina project budget.

Gorilla’spartnership with CloudSigma provides a flexible service that allows customersto leverage the processing power, storage, bandwidth and functionality thatthey require at any given moment.

“CloudSigma providesa highly scalable, secure platform that’s ideal for handling the computing andstorage requirements of the broadcast and media industry,” said Robert Jenkins,CEO of CloudSigma. “Gorilla’s content collaboration platform is a good exampleof how cloud technology is being used to integrate workflows with a servicethat’s accessible across multiple local sites.”

Gorilla’sstrategy is to offer an expandable and seamlessly integrated environment of themost advanced tapeless operation technology across all sites in an enterprise,enabling companies to extend their operations to include 3rd partypartners and thus create a complete media operations environment. Features areaccessed via a PC or a personal mobile device with the ease of use of toolsavailable on the internet.

The first ofGorilla’s cloud services is a media operations monitoring and collaborationplatform for multi-site post-production environments. Designed to bridgemultiple non-linear editing systems such as those from AVID, Apple and GrassValley, users of Gorilla's collaboration service are able to share projects andcontent files between sites and across teams. Meanwhile, Gorilla’s MediaOperations Control System enables businesses to monitor content flows betweeneach site.

Gorilla’scloud-based collaboration service also bridges communication flows with anonline system for approving video sequences, allowing producers to review a“rough-cut” of content before it is sent for “final cut” post-production.

Gorilla hasleveraged its extensive experience integrating 3rd party softwareand hardware for tapeless workflow solutions plus its experience in designingprivate-cloud systems to extend its collaboration platform to the cloud.

Gorilla’sBroadcast & Media Cloud Services will be available in the second half of2013.

About CloudSigma

CloudSigma is aninnovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Zurich,Switzerland. CloudSigma was founded to meet the growing need for a pure IaaSthat places little or no restrictions on how its users deploy their computingresources. CloudSigma is the trading name and registered trademark ofCLOUDSIGMA AG, a company incorporated in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

About Gorilla Technology

With over 10years’ experience in developing digital content technology, Gorilla offers arange of robust products and customized workflow solutions for the broadcast andmedia industries; intelligent video  surveillance solutions featuring analytics forenterprise business surveillance; content delivery and communication solutionsfor mobile business; and network intelligence and forensics for telecommunicationsand web service industries.

Scalablemodules built on an open architecture ensure streamlined workflows for thecapture, analysis, archiving, storage, repurposing, production, anddistribution of valuable unstructured assets, whether video, audio, or otherforms of content.

Gorilla isappearing at NAB 2013, April 8-11, booth number N3739, Las Vegas ConventionCenter. For more information please visit our website or contact one of ourdedicated sales professionals.

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