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Gorilla NAB 2013 Report: New product releases, partnership announcements and Gorilla’s booth, demo and seminar activities.

A wrap up of Gorilla's key events at NAB 2013


Gorilla Technology Group Inc.
Special Gorilla NAB 2013 Report
Thanks to all customers and partners who visited Gorilla at NAB this year!

Gorilla Highlights at NAB 2013

Gorilla Announces New Products: Demos Story Cut and Content Approval on iPad 
In addition to demoing the latest releases in Gorilla’s end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, a key highlight of Gorilla’s new product releases included Gorilla’s production collaboration platform. Gorilla X-Share integrates production between multiple NLE environments and across multiple physical sites. Gorilla demonstrated “rough cut” story sequencing as well as mobile story approval – both performed on the iPad. 

Gorilla also demonstrated its Media Operations and Control System (MOCS) for monitoring and managing global production workflows. MOCS allows users to gain a bird’s eye view of global operations as well as check the status of individual 3rd party components. 


Gorilla Outlines Cloud-based Services for Broadcast and Media
At NAB this year, Gorilla outlined its direction for providing cloud-based services to the broadcast and media industry. Estimated for launch in Q3, Gorilla’s cloud services will be offered as a hybrid private cloud and “extended” private cloud model which will add an Enterprise layer to customers’ existing production layer, and provide an efficient collaboration platform for multiple editing bays. Gorilla will also leverage the cloud to offer a “mobile sales kit” service for mobile content promotion.

Gorilla also announced its partnership with infrastructure provider CloudSigma. For more information please view the CloudSigma story in the Gorilla Newsroom.

Gorilla Announces Bundle Packages for CISCO UCS Platform
Gorilla hosted its first NAB seminar on the first day of NAB this year, with one of the key topics including Gorilla’s bundle products for the CISCO UCS platform. With CISCO UCS having passed Gorilla’s own certification testing, the series of product offerings provide best-of-breed package solutions designed for CISCO's channel customers.

Gorilla on UCS offers a plug-and-play, all-in-one solution that minimizes TCO with easy maintenance, while offering a scalable and extendable platform to match customers’ future requirements.

In addition to UCS bundles for broadcast and media, Gorilla offers a range of packages for video surveillance analytics and network surveillance. Gorilla is a registered member of the CISCO Developer Network.

NatGeo Content Managed by Gorilla Passes 1 Petabyte of Data
Gorilla customer National Geographic Channels International reached a major milestone during NAB this year, with content under management surpassing 1 petabyte (PB). Beginning 3.5 years ago with 30 terabyte (TB) of data, the rapid growth in content under management not only reflects NatGeo’s significant business growth, it also testifies to the robustness and scalability of Gorilla’s Silverback platform.

For more information please view the NatGeo story in the Gorilla Newsroom.

Gorilla Partner Program Reaches Out to Africa, Russia; Strenghtens Global Activity
Over the past 2 years Gorilla has extended its partnerships across the US, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In addition to meeting with a range of hardware partners including CISCO, EMC Isilon, NetApp, and HP, starting this year, Gorilla began partnership discussions with customers and technology partners covering Africa and Russia, to provide better support for our existing customers/partners, as well as extend Gorilla’s product, solution and service offerings to a broader global network.

Gorilla Booth Receives Honorable Mention
Gorilla received an honorable mention for its booth design at this year’s NAB. Gorilla was located in the North Hall, directly opposite the entrance to the LVH Hotel and Casino. Key themes in the booth design were global production workflows, collaboration across multiple sites, as well as mobile approval and content delivery. Special NAB 2013 partners included CloudSigma, who provided cloud infrastructure, and ViewSonic, who provided a display screen.

About Gorilla
With over 10 years’ experience in developing digital content technology, Gorilla offers a range of robust products and customized workflow solutions for the broadcast and media industries; intelligent video surveillance solutions featuring analytics for enterprise business surveillance; content delivery and communication solutions for mobile business; and network intelligence and forensics for telecommunications and web service industries.

Scalable modules built on an open architecture ensure streamlined workflows for the capture, analysis, archiving, storage, repurposing, production, and distribution of valuable unstructured assets, whether video, audio, or other forms of content.
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