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Gorilla Adds Easy Signage Software for Small Business to its Range of Video-based Communication and Content Delivery Solutions

Taipei, Taiwan Gorilla Technology Group, expert in media asset management solutions for the professional broadcast industry, has added Gorilla Easy Signage to its growing range of video-centric content management and delivery solutions for enterprise. 

Gorilla Easy Signage provides a convenient signage management tool for small business to make the most of their existing PC and TV screen equipment to run their in-store advertising and other forms of communication.

As a standalone application running on a Microsoft Windows PC, Gorilla Easy Signage eliminates the hassle of internet-connected systems and solves small-business owners’ concerns for requiring full-time IT staff to manage.

“Gorilla Easy Signage condenses the best of Gorilla’s other content delivery platforms into a self-contained low-maintenance advertising platform that really is very easy to use,” said Dr Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology Group.

Targeted to the specific needs of SOHO and small business owners, Gorilla Easy Signage stands out by deliberately resisting the tendency of other software’s “feature bloat” by simplifying digital signage functionality into an “instant play” model for up to two independent screens.

Key Gorilla Easy Signage features include:

• Instant Play – at any time during setup, simply clicking the “play all” button launches Gorilla Easy Signage into signage display mode

• Instant Preview – without switching between layers or windows on the UI, a user can view a preview of screen content at any time

• Easy management of two independent screens – allows a business owner to connect to an external screen to run promotions, while using their PC for work, or use their PC screen as a second promotional display

• Screen layout templates and easy click-and-drag adjustments – allows users to choose the screen zone layout for the display of different media, and provides an easy way to manually adjust the zone sizes and screen ratios

• Support for multiple media types – enables the presentation of videos, images, running text, and includes the option to play or mute video audio tracks or import new audio files as background audio.

Gorilla Easy Signage provides an easy entry point to Gorilla’s more advanced video-centric content management, video communication and delivery solutions, including: 

• Gorilla Professional Digital Signage – which offers a centralized management platform for multi-site signage advertising, with features such as content scheduling, device management, and playout analytics

• Gorilla Enterprise TV for Mobile Business – which provides an all-in-one content delivery and communication management platform for mobile devices, with features including program scheduling, living streaming and VOD channels, TV-like channel management, viewer group access controls, device management, and playout analytics.

Both enterprise solutions are available as packaged solutions in conjunction with regional channel partners, as well as scalable and customizable solutions available form Gorilla.

Gorilla Easy Signage Availability

Gorilla Easy Signage is available as an 
OEM version for branded hardware bundling, as a standalone retail version, and as a time-limited trial version. Partners can contact Gorilla sales for more information about licensing.

Gorilla Easy Signage is available for US$ 129 as a single license purchase at Gorilla Software Store.

A 30-day trial version is available at the CNET website. 

For volume licensing information or to become a Gorilla Easy Signage reseller, please contact Gorilladirectly.

Find out more information about Gorilla Easy Signage.


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