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GDSM Smart Signage Platform Powering Smart Retail Development

On March 12, 2019, the "GDSM (Giada Digital Signage Management System) Smart Retail Summit" jointly organized by Giada and WPI was held at JW Marriott Bangkok, Thailand. At the conference, speakers from Intel, WPI, AWS and Gorilla technology, as well as Giada discussed and shared their views about trends and development of the smart retail industry from aspects of the IoT ecosystem, channel promotion, GDSM product, AI technology and solutions.


WPI made a presentation entitled "WPI as IoT Solution Aggregator". As an solution aggregator of Intel, WPI focuses on supporting IoT SI and SP (System Provider) in Greater China & Asia; supporting sourcing, bundling SKU & stock inventory; engaging and bridging Edge to Cloud solutions. As GDSM is an approved Intel Market Ready Solution, WPI will accelerate marketing and promoting this solution through WPI O2O platform.

Giada introduced the core advantages & marketing strategy of GDSM in details to the guests presented, and demonstrated features of this system with on-site demo. Giada is a major ODM partners of Intel in China. Powered by Intel processors, Giada developed series of business\industrial-grade media player for various industries and scenarios, from single display to multi-dispaly, from indoor to outdoor and many other applications. In 2018, Giada ranked No. 1 media player brand in German-speaking Region. To meet the requirements of IoT market for digital signage solutions , which are more streamlined, intelligent and scalable, Giada has developed GDSM, a new generation of intelligent digital signage solution based on years of industry experience.

The core value of GDSM comes from three innovative system integration. First, GDSM integrates display controller with media player, thus the hardware architecture is greatly simplified. And then, on software level, GDSM integrates layout management into content management system, which greatly simplifies the operation process. At last, GDSM has broken through the limitation that the front-end players only have to perform graphic processing by integrating AI vision technology, camera and other modular sensors, which enables media players to collect and process information on the edge.

AI technology is the future of digital signage. GDSM is a vigorous platform supporting expansion, customization and secondary development, can continuously integrate AI technology and quickly adapt to the front-end equipment to meet the increasing demands of retail industry.


Intel shared with the guests “how Intel is Innovating ‘Visual IoT Technology’ Across Industry”. At present, the physical retail industry is the main application field of IoT vision technology. Connected, Smart, Autonomous will be important features of the next generation of IoT technology. Intel aims to lead the development of this revolution in AI tech and Autonomous application. Intel is actively promoting the development of IoT technology and has developed a variety of modular intelligent product configurations (such as OPS, SDM, SKM, Movidius), as well as the visual development kits (INTEL ® Mars, OPENVINO) which have been rapidly promoted in the field of vision retail. Giada, as the main ODM partner of Intel in China, has the ability to develop comprehensive software/hardware, and GDSM, an approved Intel MRS, will be widely promoted by Intel.


At last, the founder of Gorilla Technology(AI Vision Technology developer), shared "the trend of AI Vision Technology in the visual retail industry and the broad prospect of cooperation between Gorilla and Intel, as well as Giada in visual retail."

On site, Giada set up multi-screen demos (2 x 2, 1 x 2) of accurate advertising based on face recognition technology to showcase capabilities of GDSM in digital signage remote control, layout management, program editing, information publish and information collection & processing.

GDSM face-recognition advertisement pushing demonstration (left)
GDSM 1 x 2 free-style rotating displays demonstration (right)

GDSM multi-display demonstration

New In-Store Shopping Experience
Even when on-line shopping is quite popular today, people still love the tactile experience and instant satisfaction of in-store shopping. Retail store is thriving. In fact, new shopping-mall and store openings are on the rise. Physical retail is learning from the on-line shopping platform, and smart digital signage is becoming the “landing page”of shopping centers and smart stores.

In stores, retailers can use smart digital signage to analyze consumers' demographics and product preferences and guide shoppers to specific items or offer tailored promotions, which provides smart retail the same advantages as online shopping and even better interactive experience.

Imagine when customers step into a shopping mall, smart digital signage immediately provides the latest information about new stores, movie reviews, and promotions on its vibrant digital display. As shoppers are attracted and engage with the content, digital signage can recognize the gender and age of the shopper and quickly learn which content will pique their interests. If shoppers can experience in-store shopping as conveniently as they enjoy on-line shopping with the help of smart digital signage, what great business opportunities it will bring to the physical retail industry.

GDSM Smart Signage Platform
GDSM has made this possible. GDSM is a highly streamlined and flexibly- extensible digital signage management system. It contains software integrating layout management and content publishing functions, media players adaptive for various application scenarios, data centers in the cloud, as well as optional cameras and various front-end sensing modules.

GDSM supports remote control of devices in different stores through the H5 operating interface, and can efficiently and intensively manage large-scale digital signage system. By integrating the AI vision function facilities through Intel IoT Edge Technology, it can identify shoppers' gender, age, dwell time/area and other information through the camera, compute the information rapidly, analyze the customer characteristics in the front-end equipment, and play suitable promotions that match customers'preferences. In addition, all kinds of sensors deployed in the front-end can collect data such as temperature, humidity, location and screen status to provide more input for big data analysis. Through centralized analysis of the collected information in the background, it can help retailers to achieve overall optimization of their retail marketing strategy.

Future Extension for GDSM
As Giada's strategic products, GDSM not only has basic function of information release, but also acts as a platform which can gradually adapt to front-end players with different architecture, acquire practical information in remote environment, adopt AI function for convenience, and have the ability for deep learning with the information collected. This platform not only enables users to control the digital signage devices, but also will help them to get market feedback at the very first time, which will greatly improve their investment return.

About GDSM
GDSM, a multimedia content management system approved by Intel® MRS (Market Ready Solution), is a complete IoT solution integrating hardware and software developed for visual retail. The global marketing strategy of Giada for this solution is to unite Intel® MRS System Aggregator(SA) as the channel, AI vision and big data technology developer (ISV) as the partner, and to cooperate with mainstream screen manufacturers and System Integrators(SI) to deliver end-to-end digital signage solutions for vertical industries in regional market(PRC & SEA).

About Giada
Giada, a premium brand of Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd., is committed to becoming an innovative and globally leading provider of products and solutions in cloud computing, big data, and IoT. Giada is dedicated to promoting the development of the global IoT (Internet of Things) and AI industry, focusing on new retail, smart education, health-care, enterprise, public services, and industrial automation technology. Giada, ranking top 1 media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, is a core partner of Intel® in China, and an Associate Member of Intel® ISA (IoT Solution Alliance).
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Source : Giada

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