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Established in 2001, Gorilla Technology is a data analytics company focused on video analytics and cyber security. Gorilla video analytics has enabled governments and enterprises worldwide to safeguard people and communities, optimizing the best use of city and business resources. Gorilla solutions are equipped with security convergence, offering various AI-powered network analytics solutions that grant clients full protection for their IT/OT and data security needs.

With Gorilla’s IPO on the NASDAQ Exchange in 2022 and acquisition of SeeQuestor in 2023, our global focus is to help achieve customer success across a wide range of verticals worldwide—government agencies, smart cities, safe cities, educational institutions, smart buildings, and factories, transport hubs, enterprises, and more.

Our Business

Edge AI largely underpins Gorilla’s business offering. Edge AI computing refers to the use of artificial intelligence to process data and moving it closer to where data is generated and consumed – the edge. Moving AI processing to the edge has four major benefits:

Our business consists of a full-line AI lifecycle framework: Edge AI Computing, AI Big Data Platforms, and Vertical Application Services. Our business covers four major verticals: Government & Public Services, Smart Cities & Transportation, Industrial, and Commercial Sectors.

Highly economical and cost effective.
Faster speeds for processing and storage.
Ensures security and reduces disruption.
Reliable connections and workflows.

AI Lifecycle Framework

Converting video & network intelligence into actionable Insights via a Big Data Platform.

Icon of CPU in a human head depicting edge AI computing.

Edge AI Computing

Edge AI and edge computing devices help many industries become more efficient and safer by improving accuracy and reducing human error through automation.

Icon of CPU in a human head depicting edge AI computing.

AI Big Data Platform

With the entire system protected by robust network security from Gorilla, edge AI devices can securely process various types of structured data while also processing, analyzing, and transforming unstructured video and image data into structured data via deep learning (a form of AI) technology.

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Vertical Application Service

Gorilla Technology offers a range of solutions and services that combine video analytics and IoT technology to deliver business intelligence insights for improving performance in sales, operations and understanding of customer needs.

Best-in-Class Partners

Gorilla partners with industry leading companies from cloud infrastructure providers, telecoms, chipset vendors, and storage manufacturers to provide end-to-end solutions for different verticals.

Intel® Iot Solutions Alliance

Our Partnership with Intel®

Gorilla has worked closely with Intel® since 2018 by testing and debugging OpenVINO™ to facilitate their AI development initiative before the official announcement in May, 2018. The OpenVINO™ Toolkit is incorporated into Gorilla’s IVA-based solutions, including IVAR®, Smart Retail, Smart Attendance and more. IVAR is a certified Intel® Market Ready
Solution (MRS). This partnership aims at providing AI-on-chip solutions to accelerate computer vision development and deployment for smart devices, drones and robotics as well as Data-as-a-Service (Daas) innovative business applications.

Unique Offerings

All-in-One AI Appliances
AI Appliances
Optimized Cost-effectiveness with Intel® CPU Architecture
Optimized Cost-effectiveness with Intel® CPU Architecture
API Integration Capabilities
API Integration Capabilities
Over 40 Self-developed Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Over 40 Self-developed Deep Learning and Neural Networks


AI Software
AI Appliances


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