Gorilla - 2020 Safe Travel Beyond the Pandemic Webinar

Gorilla - 2020 Safe Travel Beyond the Pandemic Webinar

This webinar is suited for transport operators and system integrators who are trying to create safe travel experiences in a post-pandemic world.

The focus of this webinar is to introduce Gorilla’s edge AI solutions that help with the restart of traveling and the restoration of passenger confidence. This webinar will highlight pandemic control measures at transportation hubs as well as managing health concerns during travel.

Gorilla not only supports all passengers as they begin to travel again, we also aim to promote safe travel bubbles and activate economic activities for the travel & tourism sectors.

Feature Topics

  • A streamlined ticketing process with a focus on self-service
  • Pandemic prevention measures in airports, train stations and sea ports
  • Keeping the interior of trains, airplanes and cruise ships safe
  • Ensuring the health and safety of employees & essential workers

Event schedule

Region Dates & Times Presenters & Speakers Registration
APAC Sep 29th3:00pm Bangkok
4:00pm Singapore
Mike Wang, Business Development Director Register
United States Oct 7th11:00am PST
2:00pm EST
Winnie K. Vinton, Business Development Director

Justin Boothe, Senior Sales Account Executive
EMEA Oct 14th9:00am London
10:00am Paris & Frankfurt
Silvia Kuo, Sales Manager Register
Japan Oct 21st2:00pm Tokyo Kirin Lee, Senior Sales Manager Register

To find out more about Gorilla’s Covid-19 response download our latest whitepapers or check out our post-pandemic solutions and blogs.

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