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Our Products

Whether it’s large-scale retail analytics or a simple cybersecurity system,
Gorilla lets you monitor, manage and make decisions on any scale.

AI Toolkits

Gorilla’s AI Toolkits allows clients to combine Gorilla’s AI platforms with hardware or IoT devices of different form factors – this shortens time to market for end product manufacturers and solution developers.

  • Smart Elevator

  • Smart Building & Covid-19 Solution

  • Smart Signage

  • Smart Vending Machine

  • Smart POS

AI Appliances

Our all-in-one hardware bundles showcase our best video and cybersecurity analytics in an easily-integrated and expandable package. Already implemented in many projects globally, our appliances excel at public safety, enterprise security, access control, intelligent guidance, and retail analytics.

  • An icon showing a building, a car and a person depictig our Vision AI product

    Vision AI

  • An icon showing van or bus depicting our Mobile Vision AI product

    Vision AI

  • An icon showing a thermometer with hot and cold symbols depicting our Edge Vision AI product

    Edge Vision AI

  • An icon showing a kiosk performing identity verification depicting our AI Screen Station product

    AI Screen Station

  • An icon showing a shield with a sprocket inside depicting our OT Security products

    OT Security


Our Software as a Service offerings are designed to give users with variable work environments consistent, high-quality analytic solutions. From retail to smart cities to cybersecurity, Gorilla’s ever-expanding products can be customized along with your own growth.

  • Smart Retail

  • Smart City & Transportation

  • Endpoint Security

Intel® Partner of the Year Award for Best Innovative Design

Intel® Partner of the Year Award
for Best Innovative Design

OpenVINO Optimized Edge AI

Gorilla’s IVAR® (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder) is certified as the first IVA-based security software partner integrated with OpenVINO in Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. This collaboration enables Gorilla’s Edge devices to conduct one and a half times greater video feed real-time analytics without facilitating GPU’s. Gorilla’s clients will dramatically benefit with lower deployment costs as more video channels can be analyzed on the same hardware. Learn More

Intelligent Solutions

Gorilla provides innovative edge AI-based solutions across a wide array of sectors to unlock the value of video analytic insights, IoT data, and OT security. Our solutions offer intelligent insights for sales performance, maximizing operations as well as understanding customer & client needs.

Government & Public Service

Access control, attendance, scheduling, and behavior tracking to elevate any project to the next level

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Smart City & Transportation

Smart parking, campus, government and arena solutions to keep your city connected

Learn More

AI-based video surveillance and OT security to safely manage people and areas

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Intelligent building management, access control, retail & big data tools for companies large and small

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