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National Central Police University (Taiwan) receives Gorilla Intelligent Video Analysis


Gorilla Technology Group is pleased to support the community through industry cooperation and living with the principle of continuous research and practice, Gorilla Technology has donated its latest product Gorilla IVA developed in-house.

By donating this newly developed appliance to the National Central Police University in Taiwan, Gorilla attempts to accomplish the following:

  • Help to train and nurture excellent police personnel to increase their ability to solve today’s crimes, by using more advanced technology.
  • With the partnership of technology and practicality, Gorilla hopes this will allow more practical experience via the application of technology. Practical experience will also bring back feedback for technology improvement, creating an even more effective weapon against crime.
  • Provide effective technology for Police training to increase their abilities before taking active services role.
  • Show as an appreciation for the Country’s and Police industry’s cultivation towards Gorilla. Gorilla is now 10 years old and will be going for IPO in Q4 2011. We deeply appreciate the government and police’s care for Gorilla, allowing us to grow and reach where we are today.
Thanks to the National Central Police University’s current president, Xiu-Neng Xie, and former president, You-Yi Hou, for accepting the donation of Gorilla IVA so that Gorilla can be part of the supporting role in fighting against crime and protection of the people. The donation ceremony was held on March 30, 2011.

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