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Gorilla Announces New Cloud-Based Smart Retail Suite Featuring Store Analytics


TAIPEI, Taiwan. Gorilla Technology Group, a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, announced today their Smart Retail Suite, a new product line of powerful, modular and scalable video analysis tools for the commercial retail environment. Gorilla’s Smart Retail is designed for business intelligence acquisition. By providing aggregated information in highly useful and readily analyzable form, it enables retailers to efficiently extract meaningful and actionable data.

Gorilla CEO, Dr. Spincer Koh noted, “With our new Smart Retail Suite, we are now leveraging the powerful synergy of Gorilla’s extensive expertise in video, IoT and the Cloud to move into the retail space. To that end, we are providing cutting-edge technologies for video data analysis in the retail environment to maximize impact on the bottom line.”

Gorilla’s Smart Retail Suite is a comprehensive platform that uses a modular design to enable enterprises to fit the product to their needs, objectives and business scale. The net effect is detailed control of both deployment and cost, while allowing for as-needed expansion and scope. The primary module, Store Analysis, is a set of software tools that interface with the video surveillance infrastructure at single or multiple retail locations.

Gorilla Smart Retail Store Analytics includes:

  • People Counting, which allows management to measure rush hours, and track customer arrivals and departures. Conversion Rate reflects the percentage of customers entering the store versus those passing by
  • Customer Behavior Analysis provides detailed information on customer in-store behaviors including Dwell Time, Shopper Space occupancy, and Path Analysis
  • Heat Maps chart customer congregation data to indicate high-traffic areas of greatest customer interest.
  • A/B Testing helps evaluate behavior and activity at different times in a chosen location, or compares between locations

Other Smart Retail modules expand the management toolkit with Targeted Advertising, Loss Prevention and Employee Training capabilities.

Building on Gorilla’s long experience in video big data, analytics and services, the Smart Retail Suite provides not only a set of capabilities to optimize retail merchandizing, marketing and management, it also ensures those achievements are cost effective while producing maximum effect on profitability.

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