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Gorilla NAB 2015 Wrap Up


This year at the NAB tradeshow in Las Vegas, visitors to the Gorilla booth came from many countries, including the UK, US, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, including small-scale content producers, large media companies, global service providers, IT resellers, potential technology partners, and the technology press. Gorilla highlighted Video Connects Everything with its Video Big Data & Analytics platform, a PaaS and SaaS architecture that represents the full breadth of Gorilla’s content-centric technologies.


Visitors came from USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand

A key trend of this year’s NAB was the growing interest in media cloud services. 

Gorilla Announced Video Connects Everything with Media Services for Broadcast and Enterprise Customers

Gorilla CEO, Dr. Koh spoke at a discussion panel and a seminar at the Connected Media IP in NAB, to explain how Gorilla’s scalable media management solutions can leverage the cloud to better monetize content, facilitate faster collaboration, and expand operations to multiple sites.


Key highlights of Gorilla Technology this year at NAB 2015:

Production collaboration across multiple sites- Gorilla Connected Workspace
•   Workflow integration between multiple NLE silos
•   File-based file and project sharing
•   Web-based video sequence storyboarding

Content publishing for media sales & marketing- Gorilla Media Library 
•   Collateral management & delivery for marketing
•   Version control for content updates
•   Asset access controls

Video publishing for enterprise- Gorilla Video Publishing
•   Scheduled video delivery
•   VOD content delivery

Gorilla CEO Dr Koh was interviewed about how Gorilla is transforming into a big data company and what services the company is launching. Dr Koh was also asked about why the Australian telecommunications company Telstra had recently invested in Gorilla.

See the full video below

Presenter: Early this year, there was a big investment in your company by Telstra, why did that happen?
Dr Koh: Yeah I think Telstra is in the marketplace on the media. They are moving and continuing to invest. I think they are doing a lot of acquiring, a lot of investment on the video space.  But I think Gorilla Technology is kind of unique and can supplement whatever they are investing in already and whatever they will invest in the future. Gorilla’s part is on the back-end as a platform to provide a lot of very rich information, regardless it is for production or for monetization.  So, I think, for a big telco company like Telstra, they are moving to become a service company, and especially in the video industry, so our stuff, I think drove their interest. 

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Gorilla Technology is a global leader in Video Big Data and Analytics technology, which supports a wide range of video-centric applications for broadcast media and entertainment, education, enterprise unified communication, business intelligence, and security. In addition to managing over 32 petabytes of content across 5 continents and in multiple languages, Gorilla solves key Video Big Data related issues derived from the volume, velocity and variety of videos generated by real-world applications in Smart Cities, logistics, and retail. Working with leading hardware and infrastructure partners such as Cisco, EMC, Dell and Acer, Gorilla offers scalable on-site products and solutions that facilitate video intelligence, video management, video delivery and network intelligence for a variety of video applications. Gorilla also works with service providers to develop value-added cloud-based video entertainment and security services for the connected home, office and government. Gorilla Technology is a privately held company established in 2000 by Dr Spincer Koh, a PhD graduate of the University of Washington, and has sales representation across the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and China.