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Smart Media

Monetize Content Workflows for Your Business

An end-to-end solution for media archiving and asset management allowing collaborators to store, protect and locate media assets across different departments and locations. Quickly search for media with metadata and analyze content to help media creators save time and effort on retrieving assets. Smart Media simplifies the entire process by combining workflows to enable staff to efficiently manage, browse, archive and access media content for repurposing and sharing within a single dashboard.

Smart Media is designed to handle a rapid growth of content and support unlimited expansion of storage capacity. It provides cost savings with flexible and scalable storage options for on-premise, hybrid or public cloud deployment solutions to meet different objectives and workflow needs of broadcasters, OTT, internet TV, production houses, content aggregators, and archiving services. Easily integrated to existing media processes or systems, Smart Media provides greater productivity and workflow efficiencies to facilitate collaboration, share and access data from multiple locations within an organization.

Workflow Solution

  1. 1

    Tapeless broadcasting with a complete, end-to-end digital workflow to maximize efficiencies

  2. 2

    Media distribution from a local station to multiple production centers or private cloud

  3. 3

    Scalable solution to support multiple storage and servers working collaboratively

  4. 4

    Centralized workflow control to monitor content lifecycle and metadata creation

  5. 5

    Content archiving solution to automate content management functions and transfers

  6. 6

    Modular design to enable customization based on enterprise requirements and needs

  7. 7

    Open architecture for easy integration of 3rd party components or services

  • Ingestion

    Simultaneous ingestion creates both high and low resolution files in multiple formats with metadata management.

  • Analysis

    Automatic key frame extraction with user defined sensitivity and time interval enhanced by video and audio diagnosis to ensure content quality.

  • Management & Archive

    Store and catalogue large volumes of content by type or usage frequency with rich metadata association, people tagging or content analysis.

  • Access & Retrieval

    Accelerate the time to locate media files across systems and databases with advanced search and categorization to easily identify content.

  • Repurposing

    Web-based interface to access video clips and enable rough cut editing on timeline to create new sequence or frame-based annotation.

  • Delivery

    The network bandwidth optimization algorithm makes file transfers efficient and stable on a high-latency network environment.

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