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Partner Benefits

Join a network of well-qualified hardware makers, system integrators, and channel distributors to deliver unmatched yet cost-effective solutions for the global market.

Gorilla Technology provides robust and sophisticated applications to help customers deploy and streamline integration with a range of hardware devices including security cameras, digital signage, and embedded systems. By combining cutting-edge technologies and industry experience, Gorilla Partner Program is committed to helping its partners design complete solutions and accelerate in business growth across different channels.

Hardware Partners for Smart Retail

Join us among other leading manufacturers to certify that your hardware is supported by Gorilla Technology.

Gorilla Partner Program is open to brands and manufacturers looking to expand business opportunities. Leverage our expertise to ensure compatibility and functionality of ready-to-use devices, so that customers can deploy Smart Retail solutions with your technology. Become a partner to accelerate time-to-market and increase opportunities in the marketplace.

Figure of Hardware Connections
Gorilla Video IoT Platform

Device Certification Program

Become Gorilla’s partner to maximize potential values through professional support, as well as regular co-marketing campaigns involvement to expand on audience reach. Transform hardware and embedded systems into intelligent tools for the ability to stay competitive and introduce enhanced services to the market. For inquiries or interests about becoming a partner, please contact us at

The following are minimum hardware requirements for IP camera, embedded system and digital signage to work with Smart Retail

IP Camera

Combine IP cameras with real-time analytics to help retailers gain insight on store performance with people counting, heat map, path analysis, dwell time, and occupancy time to optimize store operations and increase revenues.

Spec Bullet Cameras Fisheye Cameras Dome Cameras
Video Analysis Facial Detection People Counting, Heat Map, Path Analysis, Dwell Time, Occupancy Time People Counting, Heat Map, Path Analysis, Dwell Time, Occupancy Time
Resolution 1280 x 720 800 x 600 / 1280 x 720 640 x 480
Frame Rate 15 fps 15 fps 15 fps
Bitrate 2M ~ 4M 3M (800 X 600) / 6M (1280 x 720) 2M
Lens 5 - 50mm 2 - 12mm 2 - 12mm

Embedded System

Reduce transmission bandwidth of video streams by implementing front edge devices to perform video pre-processing and extract important data to the cloud for reporting purposes and further analysis.

Description Spec
CPU Intel 6th Gen Core i7 6700T
Operation System Linux
Resolution Supported 720P
Supported Channels 4

Digital Signage

Managed services to deliver in-store advertising enabling scheduling, targeting, and analytics capabilities for insight on customer behavior and demographics to improve in-store strategies and generate further sales.

Description Spec
CPU Intel Core i5-3470
Operation System Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Resolution Supported 2MP
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB
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